About Me

Hey there! I’m Whitney your Life Purpose & Confidence Coach.

My purpose, passion (and privilege) in life is to help women, like YOU to stop doing what you think you “should” & start doing what YOU WANT.

I help women leave unfulfilling careers, for purpose-driven work that aligns with their values and brings them back to life! I also help early stage entrepreneurs develop their brand, pinpoint their ideal customer and set up marketing processes to ensure they thrive while doing what they love.

I’m able to help you do this because I’ve been there…

For many years I was stuck in the grind of doing unfulfilling work. I was overworked, stressed and doing myself no favours physically, spiritually or mentally. I knew I couldn’t keep going down this path.

So I decided to do something I’d always dreamed of doing… I used the skills I’d gained over a decade working in digital advertising and launched my business – I’ve never looked back.

Since then I’ve launched my brand, moved to the tropical laid back state of Queensland, grown my Tribe & created my programs – The 5-Day Journal Challenge, Uncover your purpose & Awaken you passion Masterclass, Mindset Reset and my signature coaching program Escape The Grind. These programs have helped hundreds of women just like you.

I’m passionate about helping you take the crucial actions that will start your journey to a more fulfilling career (and life) just like I did.

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