About Me

Hey Girl!

Is there a little voice in your head telling you that “there’s got to be more to this life”?

If yes, you probably aren’t living your truth. I want you to know this:

I see you, I hear you and BOY, do I feel you.

I’ve experienced anxiety and depression since I was a teen, I’ve been bullied as a young person and as an adult, working in a professional space.

I’ve had heart aches and failures and all the things that make us human. But I’ve come out the other side.

Now I’m living and speaking my truth and I’m here to help you achieve the same.

Using the power of my voice and writing, here I’ll share the lessons I’ve learned through life, yoga and meditation over the past decade.

If what I share resonates with you, please let me know – I’d love to hear from you. Connect with me on Instagram or email.

It’s time to begin YOUR journey to value-based living.

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