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How To Use Journaling To Understand Who You Are

This is the Ultimate Journaling Guide for beginners: Learn exactly how journalling can change your life, when & where to journal, plus what to journal about!

How Journalling Can Help You Discover Yourself

If you are feeling lost or unhappy then read on because journaling will help you gain clarity and move forward with purpose in your life.  Because when you know what you value you can live in accordance with those values. You’ll find flow, joy, purpose and ultimately… Happiness. Don’t we all want that?

Furthermore, a daily journaling practice will give you:

  • Timeout from technology
  • Assistance overcoming difficulties in your life
  • Clarity on what you truly desire
  • Increased creativity and joy
  • The ability to set deeply connected and heartfelt goals
  • Confidence to achieve your goals
  • The ability to journal for self improvement
Self improvement: A side effect of a daily journaling practice

How To Start A Journal

Journaling will occasionally require you to sit in discomfort. To feel through areas of your life that cause pain. You have to get real about who you are and what you need.

With that said, here are my tips to get you started:

  • Make it enjoyable
  • Accept whatever comes up
  • Use prompts
  • Go deep
  • Get started today!
Start Journaling Today!

Make It Enjoyable

This is uninterrupted time that allows you to get excited about your dreams, visualise your best life and feel grateful about all that you have.

Have a look at your journaling tools and also when and where you are journaling to maximise joy from the experience.

Journalling Tools

Buy a nice pen and book or notepad to write in. Your journal should feel like a reflection of who you are because once you write in it, it will be. Buy materials that you enjoy using. For example, I’m in love with this pen from Forever New!

Select your tools

Where To Journal

When and where do you feel most centred? Set a time and place every day that feels good. I’m an early bird who loves the peace of day break so I like to journal on my back deck at sunrise.

Journaling outside can be a nice way to disconnect

Complete Acceptance

This can be hard because often when we invest time in something we want to do it ‘perfectly’ thinking that will get us the best results. Whatever you write about, feel or are drawn to in your journaling practice is exactly what you need. It’s important to release expectations and not judge yourself.

Release Expectations

What we resist persists and what we chase will often allude us.

Don’t go into your journaling practice trying to have a breakthrough or feel a certain way. You aren’t always going to get the answer or finish your practice buzzing with good vibes – and that is totally okay.

Commit To Non-Judgement

It’s easy to be hard on ourselves, especially if we have been filtering our thoughts through what we think we should do/say/be for many years. The beauty of journaling is that it is your safe space….. So be kind to yourself.

Approach thoughts that confront or surprise you with curiosity and compassion. These thoughts are leading you back to your true self – take note and let them be.

Practice self care & be kind to yourself – you are learning.

Use Journal Prompts

Journaling prompts are a brilliant way to stir your thoughts so the words can flow.  I’ve collated a list of my favourite and most powerful journaling prompts that you can access here.

Journal Prompts can turbo charge your journaling session

Prompts are a great because:

  • They help you put pen to paper (especially if you are a beginner)
  • Encourage you to examine parts of your life you could be unconsciously avoiding – helping you resolve pain more quickly
  • Keep your your journaling sessions varied and interesting

Go Deep

Lean in to the big questions, even if they stir up difficult emotions.

Don’t shy away from the questions your heart is seeking answer to – this is your time to dig deep. Be curious, investigate the thought and why it’s there. Look at the problem from different angles and ask yourself contrasting questions, ie.

Do I know that this thought I am having is completely true?

What if it wasn’t true?

Journaling allows you to deeply reflect on your life

If you’re struggling with the questions to ask then prompts can really help you.

Get Started Today

Want to discover how journaling can help you improve your life? Take my Journaling Personality Quiz and I’ll send you bespoke materials tailored to what you need in your life right now to start journaling.

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