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Is your happiness tied to money? Read this.

Money is important – but it is not the only measure of an abundant life.

Sure, money can be a vehicle to happiness in that it can connect you with things you love – travel, a nice home, peace of mind… But when did we start thinking that rich was the only path to happy?

I once worked with a very wealthy person whose multimillion dollar mansion was featured in the news. I remember looking at the gorgeous rooms, the views and pristine kitchen and I started to feel like a failure. I’ll never own a house like that… What a charmed life they must lead… but here’s the thing…

Abundance & happiness are different for everyone, so I asked myself what really matters to me?

Working with this person I saw that they were just like anyone else – compassionate, kind, sometimes stressed, overworked and worried about friends and family. I knew that they too had experienced loss and mental health issues. It made me think:

Is there really a link between money and happiness … Or have we just been conditioned to think that there is?

If roles were reversed and I suddenly had the mansion, it wouldn’t mean all my problems would melt away. I would still have financial responsibilities, I could still get sick, have relationship issues and disappointments. I could still feed sadness.

Another great example of this came to me through a friend of a colleague. He was the CEO of a fortune 500 company and extremely wealthy. He flew first class, had houses in Sydney, London and New York, holidayed with the rich and famous… from the outside looking in it was a dream life. What people didn’t see was the marriage that was falling apart, then kids he didn’t have time to see. The home he never got to spend time in. He would set his alarm for 3am to conduct conference calls in different timezones. Work consumed him. His health was suffering.

This story terrified me!

We need to draw a line and acknowledge life means more important than outward appearances.   

It cemented for me that being happy is more important than being successful. Especially when success is measured by what other people think.  

I am a big believer that if you do what makes you happy then the money and abundance will follow. You don’t have to choose between money and happiness in a job. I wrote more about this here.

I’m not saying money is evil. On the contrary, I want everyone to have enough money to do the things they love – travel, live in a nice home, enjoy nice food and wine with friends.

However, we must acknowledge that there are so many things in life that can bring joy without (a huge amount) of money.

Sometimes we even have to forego earning money (ie. switch off from work) to enjoy these things. For me, these treasured moments include:

A weekend of rest with my work emails switched off

Watching netflix with my husband on a rainy night

Enjoying one of my mums roast dinners with the family

A D&M with one of my girlfriends

Being in good health – physically and mentally

Being kind to others

Snuggling with my cats

A bubble bath

A good book

I want everyone to know how to attract more abundance in their lives. I want you attract more of what you love. But we need to get real about what that means.

Do you really need to earn tens of millions of dollars to be happy?

Sure it would be nice, but if you got to the end of your life and that had never happened is it possible that you could still have lived a rich and abundant life?

I know for me it is.

I still have goals that involve money.  For example, I want to take a 3 month trip through South America with my husband.  I want to buy a house in Queensland. I want to, one day, be able to take my children on annual family holidays … and I know these things won’t be cheap!

However, these are all things I can work towards without sacrificing my quality of life or my health. It definitely takes so planning.

But I will make this happen because I’ve been able to get real about what is important to me.

I don’t feel it will all be second-rate without outrageous levels of wealth. I got crystal clear on what matters, more: what does it feel like? Less: what does it look like?

It doesn’t matter if our house in Queensland has 5 bedrooms or 2 – what matters, is that I have a home with my awesome husband and our family.

It’s not important if the holidays I take with my family are first class trips to Paris, or a road trip along the Great Ocean Road – what matters, is that I share the joy of exploration and adventure with my children.

It doesn’t matter if we live the high life in South America or travel more frugally. it just matters that we achieve our goal of hiking Macchu Picchu and exploring South America before starting a family.

Are you starting to see the pattern here?

It doesn’t matter what things look like on the outside. How do you want your life to feel? What’s at the core of the things you’re chasing in life?

Once you get clear on this you’ll almost always find a way to make it happen. So stop putting pressure on yourself to earn more than your friends. Stop chasing money to the exclusion of the joy around you. Start getting in touch with the true wealth in your life.

Money is important – but it is not the only measure of an abundant life.

So tell me below;

how does valuing money affect your happiness?

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